The Veryl Hardware Description Language


Veryl is a hardware description language based on SystemVerilog, providing the following advantages:

Optimized Syntax

Veryl adopts syntax optimized for logic design while being based on a familiar basic syntax for SystemVerilog experts. This optimization includes guarantees for synthesizability, ensuring consistency between simulation results, and providing numerous syntax simplifications for common idioms. This approach enables ease of learning, improves the reliability and efficiency of the design process, and facilitates ease of code writing.


Designed with interoperability with SystemVerilog in mind, Veryl allows smooth integration and partial replacement with existing SystemVerilog components and projects. Furthermore, SystemVerilog source code transpiled from Veryl retains high readability, enabling seamless integration and debugging.


Veryl comes with a rich set of development support tools, including package managers, build tools, real-time checkers compatible with major editors such as VSCode, Vim, Emacs, automatic completion, and automatic formatting. These tools accelerate the development process and significantly enhance productivity.

With these features, Veryl provides powerful support for designers to efficiently and productively conduct high-quality hardware design.